Railroad Drama, Walking from Malaysia to Thailand

Traveling to Thailand for the first time is like a blessed journey. Even though there was a miss-communication when I wanted to move from the train in Malaysia to the train in Thailand, it was strange that I really enjoyed this trip. Yes I’m traveling to Thailand by road trip from Penang, Malaysia.

Saturday morning (April 20, 2019) I took the first ferry from Raja Tun Uda Ferry Terminal to Butterworth. Then pursue the second KTM from Butterworth to Padang Besar. My first luck! I didn't miss this second train because shortly after entering, the train departed.

Most of the time on the train I use to sleep because of a long trip. About 2 hours from Butterworth to Padang Besar. Then I had to go through the Malaysia-Thailand border immigration in Padang Besar and move the train from Padang Besar to Hat Yai. Sounds easy, isn`t it? It sounds easy before the drama starts.

This is where the drama starts. Half-conscious heard the announcement from KTM. I miss-heard and thought because the KTM was late on the trip so we missed the morning train from Padang Besar to Hat Yai. Me and my friend immediately confused what we supposed to do. Do we have to take the bus? But we don't know the direction of the bus terminal in this border.

I’m not the type of person who panics for a long term. After we went down, me and my friend casually went out from the Malaysia side Padang Besar station and passed Malaysian immigration outside the train station. After that? We were welcomed by many people who offered to take us to Hat Yai. Of course I refused because I certainly knew that kind of services  would not be suitable for my budget, hahaha ...
Outside Immigration Area

Then where we supposed to go? Me and my friend walked from Padang Besar Malaysia immigration post to Padang Besar Immigration Post in Thailand. After take two wrong lines, we finally got the stamp and passed Thailand immigration without question from the officer. I am very grateful to be able to pass immigration easily. In total, 1Km walks on the border with very hot weather, around 33 degrees Celcius.
Walking from Immigration at Malaysia to Thailand

Before leaving the immigration area, I checked Google again to ensure the best way to go to Hat Yai. I was surprised when I saw the train option is available. We immediately rushed to the nearest station. We were very surprised that there was the Padang Besar Station also in Thailand. The distance is 600 meters by foot. Hahaha ... we exercise by walking from Malaysia to Thailand and carrying a backpack too.
Walking from Immigration at Thailand to train station

Padang Besar Train Station in Thailand side is very small and the station attendants who serve tickets are also surprised by us. How can we walk through land immigration and not through the immigration of the train station. After we showed the passport with a stamp from the immigration officer, they gave us 2 tickets to Hat Yai. And it turns out that the train will be around almost 2 hours late.
My first picture that feels so Thailand
Here I feel like I want to cry sadly and and laughing at the same time because of our stupidity. But if there is no foolishness, we will never know how it feels to walk in the border region and see how Thailand is on the border.
The Ticket

The train station is small but very comfortable. When I entered the station I immediately felt that I was really in Thailand. The design and accent of the building are very typical of Thailand. The staff and the people at the station were also very friendly to us when they found out that we were not Malaysian or Thai. They always tell us that the train that stops is not our train and always updates how long our train will arrive.

Thanks to God for giving me this extraordinary experience and also met with friendly people along the trip. Can’t wait for telling you my nest stories when I’m in Thailand. The delisious food, beautiful beach, beautiful mosque and temple, and amazing university in Hat Yai. See you…

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